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Time for another short essay on another awesome artist, this time we got Jean Giraud A.K.A Moebius!

A little background on this beautiful man,


Moebius was a french man artist and cartoonist, a very influential man in the comic, illustration and game art scene, many artist look after him wit such respect and i personally feel honored to have been able to know about him. i found out about this guy a long time ago, but it is only recently when i gained interest and enthusiasm towards his work.

The very reason i’m writing this short essay is for me to be able to talk about him, his skills, techniques and discipline through observing his art, and hopefully express these gained knowledge through words and illustration samples, with all that being said i am not gonna babble too much non-sense and go straightforward to the point of this post!

the prominent element that comes to mind when looking at his art is the intricate line work and play of color in form of vibrant/pastel hues; which i think contrasts well and helps his work stand out! let’s go and break it down.


1. take note of the detail in his contour lines, the variety of shapes complemented by the simplicity of the elements within the form. 2. playful, vibrant and light choices in color enhances the mood and eases the viewer into the scene. 3. watch out for the subtle gradients of color that brings shapes into life further. (the crossing of values between the blue and orange gradient is evident in here)

Full image: 

A few more samples, but this time, forms have more details in them, unlike the first image!

Sample 2: increase of details at the grass, floating city, clouds and of course, the person with pink robe. still his lines only represent forms and more contouring lines, no details and hatching. shading is substituted by subtle color and value changes.

Sample 3: Fantastic piece, the focus is stolen right away by the bright yellow towering structure on the right, a huge contrast showing minimal detail on big a big shape s vs small clumped details on smaller objects.

Sample 4: another piece showing his composition skills at work. he also applies the same discipline sown in Sample 3 in here.


Sample 5: now this is just pleasant to look at.

the first few samples of his work show a genius-at-work. his subtle techniques to guide the eye into the piece is a vital recipe to aquire if one wishes to siphon such power!

Now, we move on to the second half of this essay, which talks more about his heavier line-work, hatching and the possible thoughts behind them. (or at least my take on it)


Artwork by Moebius ; 0. all surounding lines converge onto the focal point; the character in the middle. 1.  line work defining the shape and detail within the secondary shape. 2-3. another instance of lines that define an object’s shape, notice how they wrap around to create an illusion of volume. 4. tertiary details have little to no inner details, so as to give eyes a break from noise.

observe the contrast in detail of the Gorilla and man vs. the vegetation background.


1. look at all the weathering details put into the subject, it makes the whole thing look alive and natural. 2. division of line weight helps the eye focus on what is more important and greatly divides spaces. 3. Greens which are the foreground elements have more defined volume, lines are wrapping around from each sides, thicker line weight, blues on the other hand are hatched diagonally, simplifying them and putting in an illusion of shade. (darkening)

here are a few more samples demonstrating the techniques mentioned above.

look at the form of the lizard and how the lines wrap around, this time, shading/hatching is played out which helps bring out overlapping shapes in the piece.

observe how the shadows were executed; through a singular direction, it drives harmony forward and keeps the eye at ease, saved to be distracted by much more important elements within the piece.


A different instance wherein Moebius didn’t use a single shade on the robot but on the ground.  the subject is built using contours of objects and the weathering technique mentioned above; using small dots and lines. also,  colors defined the value!

I could point out my observations all day and still find new things, but for now i must try to apply what i’ve learnt from this short entry. Moebius’ work has such a wide variety and talking about all of them would be tiring. (i don’t have all day) but i am glad i got the chance to point out the once i think are the most influential in his works. you can find more about him through a simple google search, hopefully this sparks your interest on him and his latter spiritual successors.

I hope you guys enjoyed and learned a bit, i am always glad to take requests to dissect and study other artists, so leave a comment if there is anything/anyone that comes in mind. Cheers!



Artist Finds

Hey guys, i’m back again with another Artist Finds blog. Here today to talk about this awesome artist that is Chris Legaspi.

Like the one in the past, i won’t be going over so many details to try and create a very long post. soooo let’s go over this one!