Artist Finds

Hey guys, i’m back again with another Artist Finds blog. Here today to talk about this awesome artist that is Chris Legaspi.

Like the one in the past, i won’t be going over so many details to try and create a very long post. soooo let’s go over this one!

Chris has been a huge inspiration of my Art for the longest time of my “serious” art journey and i will NOT feel any shame to admit that i have tried to copy and adapt his ways when tackling an art piece, though i can’t recall exactly where i found him.. it was probably from one of his videos on Youtube channel titled Draw with Chris.
(he’s active, check him out!! watch his videos!!)

I think it was this one i saw.

so yeah. that alone you can take away with a lot of new learning. but what i love the most about this guy is his facebook and instagram posts!imho these kind of things are sooo overlooked! just look at this one.

All images are of Chris Legaspi

from shapes, major blocks and into the finer details. may be extremely useful for people having trouble with painting everything from scratch, or from reference.

This image teaches a lot more than most 1 hour How To Draw videos can.
the only thing we have to do is take in the captions and study these things with our heads, and really think about it. the next and the last step being, to copy and observe!

You can find more of his processes on his instagram account right here.

Lastly, i am gay for those line drawings, ink or pencils. it’s all insanely well put and translated and the idea that just by deeply understanding the basics can make even the most basic thing interesting!

just look at those.

same fundamentals applied on these two sketches. outline the major shape and form, separate shadow and light and finished with additional rendering.

i love the harmonic lines in his sketches. it’s feels soothing to the eyes.

sorry. i just grabbed it all from Google. but definitely do your own scrambling through.

Check out his amazing website! @ freshdesigner



OH, and have i mentioned his figure drawing mats?

Lovely figure paintings, probably watercolor and colored pencil. notice how he first laid down gesture, structure and finished with major blocks of values. also observe the minimal highlights used. subtlety seems to be a major key element.

observe the prominence of big strokes and again, the dominance of halftones, selective highlights (lightest) and shadows (darkest) makes the painting easy and smooth to look at. at least how i see it. 😀

Alright i think that’s enough for now! Thanks for reading up to this point. Hope you got inspired or somethingiahsd!


Of course, Chris (if ever you get to read this), Thank you!! keep up the awesome work around the Art community! you’re a huge blessing to those like me. keep being badass. (i know you will)



What do you think? feedback and comments appreciated. and also do these series of post make sense to you? maybe i gotta justify something. i dunno. let’s see!


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