I.L 1: Art talk with Julia Lundgren



Welcome to Implied Line‘s first of (hopefully) many blog series, in which we interview and learn from some very cool and inspiring Artists!

The very first on the list, Julia Lundgren, a freelance Illustrator and Digital Artist from Sweden.

Julia has been one of the many artists who inspired me to push myself further at some of the more recent point in my art life, Her work wasn’t like of those you’d see on the front page of many popular Art sites, it wasn’t exactly in line with what’s trendy too! (robots, warrior girls, mechs, medieval barbaric warriors ect.) nevertheless, the images and illustrations that she depicts felt true and unique to me. and it is one of the main reasons why i thought she’s a good fit for the series!


The interview

At this stage i explained to her how i ended up finding her IG, how i knew of her art, and the reason why i DMed her, after she agreed to an interview, i apologized because it was so sudden, then proceeded to ask my question haha  (we’re lucky she’s cool enough about it!)

the Q&A’s are not in ad verbatim, minor changes, summarized and cut off at some parts for easier, better understanding.

What inspired you to start and pursue Art?

I decided that I was going to be an artist by the age of 5, so I don’t really remember what originally planted the idea. Two of my relatives were artists and painted mainly horses (my favourite animal), so they definitely inspired me. Later, I got motivated from the feedback I got from classmates and teachers in school.

I see the huge love for the horses! – After having the support you got from your teachers and colleagues, had there been a time of struggle to continue on pursuing Art? if so, what did you do and how did you manage to get out of that one or many muddy situations?


two samples of her Horse inspired illustrations.

Yeah, horses has also been a big motivation! i’ve been riding all my life and my wish to afford having a horse of my own one day was also one of the reasons i wanted to make my hobby into a business.

There have been many times where i’ve doubted and struggled to continue, especially for a time where i was battling depression. But again, the horses, plus an incredibly supporting boyfriend made me come back to it.

Another time when i felt like working with illustrations and ect. was impossible, i studied at an art school for a year. I learned so much and got to try so many new things that when i was done there, i felt more motivated than ever.

Julia pursued Art School after finishing high-school (where she studied IT-media) for a whole year, and Informative Illustration for half a year, she also shared about her upcoming class where in she’ll study Visual Communication.

You’ve been to art school for a year, how was it? And what do you think have you learned the most while in it that you couldn’t have learned outside?

Before art school, i had never really drawn people, so life drawing/croquis did wonders! Even though digital art is my main thing, drawing only traditionally during my year, was very helpful when it came to learning new techniques!

I think a fair amount of challenges is needed for one to improve. I get motivated by a bit of pressure, having deadlines and tricky assignments where i put my abilities to test. I believe schools kind of provide those things so studies have helped me a lot!

Could you emphasize on the “techniques” part? and with all the new things you’ve learned throughout, where do you think does your work fit in as? How does Art matter to you?

Yeah, drawing digitally i tend to use the same or similar tools, so i learned a lot from working with different kinds of paint and other materials. I’m pursuing a career in illustration and graphic design. Making art matters a lot to me, as it’s a way to express feelings, thoughts and also to communicate with the viewer. Plus it’s an amazing thing to be able to inspire other people!

Tell us how you usually start your day? and how do you keep yourself motivated and driven towards finishing your works?

Hmm, hard to say! Usually i spend 2 or 3 days on each painting. I’d say my regular process is; I wake up with an idea and sketch it in the morning, then do the most work on it, in the late evening/night (that’s the time of the day where i’ve found i’m most creative)

then add the final details and finish it the morning after.. in between that, i do other things like study, go horse-riding, take walks in nature, work on other projects, play video games and ect.

If i work nonstop on the painting, i often grow irritated or lose interest in it, so for me, pauses where i gather inspiration is what drives me to finish. 🙂

Julia adds something for the readers to take away:

Something i’d like to add for others wanting to grow as artists. Don’t rely too much on reference images, many start by tracing but don’t improve later because they don’t dare to draw without it. Life drawing, making quick sketches of live animals is incredibly helpful, and will allow you to work more freely when drawing on freehand.

Ultra Last Question: Do you think drawing everyday helps? do you think it is that important?

Yeah! Oh hard to say, i definitely believe it helps but i wouldn’t know because i can’t do it! I’ve tried 30 days challenges ect. I intended to draw everyday this year but that lasted in like 5 days… I believe it depends a lot, person to person, some need a scheme that tight, but for me it kind of blocks me, i run out of ideas if i try too hard every day.

As we reach the end of the conversation, she followed up something about being patient and diligent if one wants to git gud!:

Julia: Getting good at art takes time, my God i’ve been drawing all my life and it’s still extreeemly far from being as good as my idols! yet people who got into drawing just last year or last month even seem to wish for magical tools to instantly be a finished, good artists… honestly i believe there’s no such thing as a finished, great artist, because even the masters consider themselves works in progress and so they push themselves to improve day by day, so yeah.

The Swedish girl was very nice to talk too and it felt really light asking her the questions as she was very open and constructive in answering; We both enjoyed the short convo, i learned a great deal.. and Heck, after that, i felt really accomplished and inspired! it indeed feels fulfilling to know that you are not alone in what you feel towards Art, your struggles and the hardships that you may be stuck at the moment. Keep pushing the bars and limits! no matter how big or small the steps are, keep at it!

and like i always say, try different things, actually, try everything if you can! see what works and what doesn’t. nothing to lose right? 🙂

Comments? thoughts? leave a reply! it is very much appreciated!

Follow Julia on her top Social media platforms @Lambidy
Artstation | Facebook | Instagram | DeviantArt | Society6

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