Art talks! a new thing.


I’m sure, most of us if not all, loves to talk about life as learning individuals in the field of art, just as much as we like to hear and relate to those who share the same woes in the field!
There’s something to those moments when people get to empower, inspire and motivate each other, through them sharing their fair share of hardships, failures, little misadventures but more importantly, the moments where they get to get out of the “Valley of the suck” and really start killing it with their new found wisdoms which automatically comes with new routines, change in lifestyle ect..

I have listened to a bunch of online art talks, interviews, podcasts and have read quality blog posts of artists and writers, all of which are trying to send a positive message out there to those who may ever need it. -But more than these, i’ve also had opportunities to give small talks to starting art students back at my college;  Long and sleepless “sleep-overs” with colleagues that usually ended up to deep, personal art conversations. -Those have been a huge part of my artistic life and has impacted me in such a way that i want to pass the opportunity of growth, to anyone who’d take the time to read and hear me and a couple of others out.

So yes! just a small heads up for the things to come, i cannot promise a consistent flow through these series of upcoming posts, though  i always try to learn about and get a talk out of every amazing artist that i get to meet (if shyness wouldn’t overcome) so this should be fun, and we’ll get to meet some cool artists!!



Watch out for the kickstarter post, it’s coming.. soon!


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