Art Mediums


I don’t get why some people limit themselves with the kind of medium they could use, worse, they’re so convinced that one is certain to be superior than the other and if not, they think they are too weak to handle another….



While i understand that the mediums, having their own technical difficulty levels and prices are major realistic factors (i wouldn’t deny that), we musn’t let ourselves be scared or intimidated to learn them, unless you dont have the “moolah” to buy them. ofcourse, then save up. hah

So now, let’s first talk about difficulty and how we can reshape our mindsets from thinking that “oh lord this medium is impossible to learn” to “i can learn this medium, i just have to spend the time to create, study and learn” this is assuming you own or have access to such medium.

Remember when you first held that pencil as a kid? some may not, but luckily, i did! and it was fun! I didn’t think about my brother or mother judging my work being shit, because i didn’t know nor cared about what anyone thought of what i did, i just drew and drew, with a horrendous smile on my face and a crooked teeth peeking out. i cannot recall exactly how it went from there, but the success story is, i learned how to tame this weird looking stick that has a red chewable rubber on top of it; I learned a medium.

What i’m trying to get across is, we should learn like a child, not prioritizing what others would think and say about your craft, (heck, you don’t even need to show/prove to anyone that you are learning something) but rather, to deliver what is in our hearts and minds, it may be a reckless approach but such is the most natural and effective way to learn, it is fundamental. so fail if you will, but fail intelligently, recognize your mistakes after a few tries, do your research and seek help from a master of that craft. now, try again. voilà! you are getting progress!

Now, hypothetically speaking, we have quite a number of mediums we are comfortable with and so, the next issue arises, for which should i use which?

I personally believe and stand to the idea that all these materials are the same, acting as translators for the artist’s mind, pulling the barred ideas out into the world, eventually giving life to them.

so for me, the two questions worth considering when choosing a medium are.. “For what purpose should i use this medium?” and “Would this be an efficient tool to effectively execute the purpose?”



I will leave that to you guys; Art is too free and big for a speck like me to cover! we can be as free as these contemporary artists that continuously tries to innovate the way we view and execute art or as restricted and bounded like working artist professionals that justifyingly pick their mediums depending on the specific purpose and time that their work allows.
I hope you enjoyed and learned something from reading this. keep working on your craft.

Stay safe. 🙂


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